Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is exactly what the franchise needs in the 2020s. It’s old-school episodic Star Trek with a focus on exploration and adventure but with the production values and emotionally nuanced characters of the age of prestige television. The genius of Strange New Worlds is that it makes a virtue of the fact that the audience already knows how the stories of many of the characters end. It doesn’t matter that Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) knows his fate, what matters is what he does with that information.

The other hugely enjoyable thing about Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is how it embraces a wide variety of genres across each season. SNW season 2 had Star Trek‘s first-ever musical and a dark and morally complex exploration of the horrors of the war. After Discovery and Picard had spent their seasons focused on one particular type of story, Strange New Worlds reminded audiences that Star Trek can be anything it wants to be. Which is why Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is the best show that the franchise currently has to offer.